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I assumed I would be underwhelmed with your membership and to my surprise, I'm humbled and so grateful to have found this. I just watched how to forgive your spouse and feel like I finally understand what to do and a huge weight has been lifted. I'm telling everyone I know to sign up!
A loyal Marriage365 husband and member. I am who I am because of you guys and all that you've done for me. When I signed up, I was in a really bad place. You've given me the steps to take to earn back my wife's trust and more than anything, you gave me hope.
I just want to thank you guys for making me realize what marriage is really about. My wife and I were in a rough spot in our marriage. When I became a 365 member, it totally changed my mindset. Things have gotten better. Watching your videos made me realize what I wasn't bringing to the marriage. Thank you again!!

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